Baby is sick what to do?

Hi everyone, First time moms are not always prepared when baby is sick, they got nervous, cranky, irritated, worried and a lot more. I can’t blame them because I am a mother too and when my baby is sick, I always experience a lot of that. Well lack of sleep is very common for us moms. So we are prone to a lot of negative vibes. Mostly depression. But if you know and observe your baby, well maybe you may have an idea why your baby is sick.

Recently, my baby got sick. He had fever with a temperature of 38.6. I was really nervous because first of all I thought it was dengue. Here in our place there is a lot of trees and high grass because the place is not crowded yet. He had few bites of mosquitos so for the fever I let him have TEMPRA drops every four hours. Fever went away fast but after few hours his temperature always went up. So I continue the TEMPRA Drops. he vomited but just twice and it stopped. I looked at his mouth and I saw that his tooth is coming, located at the bottom part. That is the culprit of his fever. He is teething. After two days of fever, thanks to TEMPRA drops. His fever is gone 🙂

Mommies, dont hesitate to give Tempra to your kids because for us it is really effective And really affordable.